Bella Thorne Talks About Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez And The Disney Channel


“Shake It Up” star Bella Thorne spoke with Latina magazine about her work on the Disney Channel, which is also home to stars Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez:
I’m excited to be following in their footsteps. I’m proud to be Latina and be on the Disney Channel and I’m honored that I can represent Latinas everywhere. I think my dad would be proud too, he used to say I was his Latina princess. I do look up to both of them. I met Demi briefly when I visited Sonny With a Chance. She was kind and wished me well on our show. [She] is a beautiful, talented girl who happens to be moving on in her career. She’s a brave girl. She’s dealing with her issues and I respect that. I wish her the best. I’ve worked with Selena a few times and she is not only kind, but very professional. She has lived a very happy, successful life and has always been considerate of her fans. She has done a wonderful job managing her career and keeping herself real — she is very talented, a hard worker and a perfectionist.

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