Which Disney Star Does Bella Thorne Look Up To?


Shake It Up’s Bella Thorne has been rumored to be the next Disney star princess following the footsteps of Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. Bella would be more than happy to take on that role, especially since she’s a huge Selena Gomez fan!
The 13-year-old actress said she “looks up to Selena and hopes to follow in her footsteps.” Bella has worked with Selena in the past and truly admires her. Bella told Latina Magazine“Selena has lived a very happy, successful life and has always been considerate of her fans and has done a wonderful job managing her career and keeping herself real, she is very talented, a hard worker and a perfectionist.”
We think Bella is well on her way to being one of Disney’s hottest starlets just like Selena.

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